Sylvanian Blackberry Rabbit Family

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Collectable and Pre-Owned Sylvanian Families.


Blackberry Rabbit Family

The Blackberry family were first introduced in 2008 as part of sets. Over the years about eight Blackberry figures have appeared, five of which are still current as of 2015. These include Beth and Sunny in Beach Fun and Games, Suraya in the Winners Set, Ingrid in the Camping Set and Betty in the Juice Bar Set.
The Blackberry family comprise:- Listed
Bob Father Yes
Betty Mother Yes
Ingrid Sister Yes
Yvette Sister Yes
Jess Baby Sister No
Bethany Auntie Yes
Sunny Cousin No
Soraya Cousin Yes
    • Bob Blackberry Bob Blackberry

      Bob Blackberry drives a horse and cart through the village, carrying a wonderful selection of fresh fruit and vegetables from Meadowcroft Farm to the village market in the 'Old Town'. His trusty steed Blacksocks, has been with Bob ever since he was a young foal, in fact they grew up together. On arrival at the market, Bob feeds and waters Blacksocks for all his hard work getting them to the market, before setting up his fresh fruit and vegetable stall.
  • Betty Blackberry Betty Blackberry

    Betty runs the Sylvanian Juice Bar in the village square in the 'Old Town' part of Sylvania, throughout the summer providing everyone in Sylvania with delicious, healthy and refreshing fruit drinks. Her husband Bob delivers all her fruit on his cart each morning before setting up his own stall. Her juices are very popular among the villagers, most likely as she makes them all herself from her old family recipes.
    • Yvette Blackberry Yvette Blackberry

      Yvette enjoys having a lazy day on the river during the summer, she will happily row a little rowing boat along the river while taking photographs of all the wild flowers on the riverbank.
    • Yvette's Boat Yvette's Boat

      Yvette's boat, complete with two oars. Length 125 mm.
    • Ingrid Blackberry Ingrid Blackberry

      Ingrid Blackberry loves the outdoor life. Whenever she gets the chance she is off camping in the woodland with her good friends Esmee Chantilly and Mikaela Renard. Her mother often states that Ingrid would most likely set her tent up in the garden and live quite happily outside if she allowed it!
  • Bethany Blackberry Bethany Blackberry

    Bethany is best described as being a 'Beach Bunny'! Whenever the summer arrives she always takes her daughters Sunny and Suraya to the beach, where they have a selection of games and activities packed with them in their bag. Bethany is especially fond of volleyball, which is not surprising considering she was the 'Sylvanian Champion Volleyball Player' for four years running in her teenage years.
  • Suraya Blackberry Suraya Blackberry

    Suraya is a very sporty young lady, winning a silver medal in the last Sylvanian Games, being beaten to gold by her good friend Jocelyn Springer. When she isn't training for a big sporting event, you will find her on the beach with her mother and sister. Suraya though will usually be doing something very active though, either playing volleyball or surfing.
  • Adult Blackberry rabbit figure Blackberry Adult Figure

    Unclothed Blackberry adult figure. Height 90 mm
  • Child Blackberry rabbit figure Blackberry Child Figure

    Unclothed Blackberry child figure. Height 75 mm
Figures in grey boxes are deemed collectable as they are no longer available
Figures in green boxes are still currently available.
Figures are graded Excellent if totally original and without marks or blemishes
Figures graded Good may either lack an ancillary item (usually clothing) or not have an original one.
Figures graded Fair may lack clothing or not have original clothing and show some wear and tear.
Adults in this family are 90 mm high, children 75 mm high.