Sylvanian Brighteyes Family

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Collectable and Pre-Owned Sylvanian Families.


Brighteyes Rabbit Family

The Brighteyes are one of the original Sylvanian Families, though they have never been released as a family set. The mother, Marion, is still current as the Waitress set, being released with the Blackcurrant Cafe. The others have had only limited release in the UK.
The Brighteyes Family comprise:- Listed
Marion Mother Yes
Peter Older Brother No
Belinda Older Sister No
Charlotte Sister No
Olivia Baby Sister No
    • Marion Brighteyes Marion Brighteyes Marion Brighteyes is the Blackcurrant cafe owner. She loves to make cakes and sell them with her teas and coffees. She also does a thriving takeaway trade in cakes for parties and picnics, and she always supplies the Bullrush's River Boat trips with their lunches. Her cafe is always busy, picking up throughout the day and quietening down when the parents have gone to collect their children from school. She has just purchased a very posh coffee making machine, which makes the nicest and poshest coffees in all of Sylvania. She has told Oliver she wants one for home now!
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