Sylvanian Cheshire cat family

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Cheshire Cat Family

The Cheshire cat family are a variation of the Golightly's with the addition of a grey edge round the ears. They were released by Flair circa 2007 in various sets, the father in the Butler set, the mother in the Ballroom Set, the brother in the School Play set and the sister in the music lesson.
The Cheshire family comprise: Listed
Unknown Father Yes
Grace Mother No
Gregory Brother No
Constance Sister No
    • Butler Cheshire Cat Butler The Cheshire cat father does not seem to have ever had a name or biography. He came with the Butler Set, which was an add on to the Grand Hotel.
    • Grace Cheshire Grace Cheshire
Figures in grey boxes are deemed collectable as they are no longer available
Figures in green boxes are still currently available.
Figures are graded Excellent if totally original and without marks or blemishes
Figures graded Good may either lack an ancillary item (usually clothing) or not have an original one.
Figures graded Fair may lack clothing or not have original clothing and show some wear and tear.
Adults are 83 mm high.