Sylvanian Corntop Rabbit Family

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Collectable and Pre-Owned Sylvanian Families.


Corntops Rabbit Family

The Corntops were released in 1988 in the UK, in North Amererica they were marketed as the Hoppinsets. Released again in the UK when Flair took over 2002-4 As the Corntops were marketed as the Hoppinsets in North America, they have two names for each character so the Hoppinset names are in brackets. The grandparents were only released in North America, hence their Hoppinset names.
The Corntops are currently unavailable and hence collectable.
The Corntop/Hoppinset family comprise: Listed
Hector (Kendall) Father Yes
Christabel (Sybil) Mother No
Scott (Austin) Brother No
Kirsty (Trina) Sister No
Kim (Troy) Baby Brother No
Cora (Minnie) Baby Sister No
(Zachary) Grandfather No
(Roseanna) Grandmother No
    • Corntop Rabbit Hector Corntop Father Hector loves digging in his garden. He's never happier than when he is planting row upon row of carrots and lettuce. He loves chatting over the garden fence to his neighbour Nancy Waters, who is also a big gardening enthusiast like him. They are often swapping notes and tips on how to grow perfect plants.