Sylvanian De Pembroke Corgi Family

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Collectable and Pre-Owned Sylvanian Families.


De Pembroke Corgi Family

The De Pembroke's are a relatively recent release by Flair. As corgi's they are Sylvania's version of a Royal Family. This family is still available as a family set of four.
The De Pembroke family comprise:- Listed
Duke Father Yes
Queenie Mother Yes
Earl Brother Yes
Duchess Sister Yes
  • Duke DePembroke Duke DePembroke Duke is charming and very debonair, but does have a tendency to put his foot in things. His wife has perfected a stare for when he’s about to do it.
  • Queenie DePemboke Queenie DePembroke Queenie is very much the head of the family, and rules the roost. She is lovely and kind but don’t make her cross or you will be treated to the stare.
  • Earl DePembroke Earl DePembroke Earl is as cheeky as he is charming. His mother likes to keep an eye on him so he does not get into trouble
  • Duchess DePembroke Duchess DePembroke Duchess is a little miss goody two shoes. She’s good at everything and is liked by everyone in the village as she’s always willing to lend a hand.
Figures in grey boxes are deemed collectable as they are no longer available
Figures in green boxes are still currently available.
Figures are graded Excellent if totally original and without marks or blemishes
Figures graded Good may either lack an ancillary item (usually clothing) or not have an original one.
Figures graded Fair may lack clothing or not have original clothing and show some wear and tear.
Adults are 85mm high, children are 70mm high.