Sylvanian Dingle Sheep Family

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Dingle Sheep Family

The Dingle sheep family were introduced in 2013 as an Easy Buy family. They make up the "New Arrival" set. They don't seem to be available anymore, with the Dale family remaining in stock to which they seem to be an extended branch of the family. They lacked the pink colouring detail on the Dales (inside ears, nose etc.)
The Dingle Family comprise:- Listed
Dominic Father Yes
Rebecca Mother Yes
Katherina Baby Sister Yes
    • Dominic Dingle Dominic Dingle Dominic Dingle is Barbara Dale's brother, and often helps out at the family orchard. He can often be found helping his brother-in-law Ewan, either cutting grass or picking fruit. After a hard days work he likes nothing better than to head home and tuck into one of his wife, Rebecca's homemade stews.
    • Rebecca Dingle Rebecca Dingle Rebecca Dingle makes delicious stews and casseroles. She gets all her veg from Wendy Dale's vegetable patch. Her speciality is a nice winter stew, consisting of carrots, turnips, onions, leeks, potatoes and nice vegetable seasoning. Her husband Dominic often wants seconds!
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Figures in green boxes are still currently available.
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Adults are 80mm high, children are 65mm high.