Sylvanian Doughty Dog Family

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Collectable and Pre-Owned Sylvanian Families.


Doughty Chiffron Dog Family

The Doughty Chiffron Dog Family was imported from Japan through the Sylvanian Shop. So far, there seem to be seven family members, although the baby girl and twin baby girl share the same biography/name though have different poses. All the Doughty's are currently available.
The Doughty family comprise Listed
Gordon Father Yes
Delia Mother No
David Brother No
Karen Sister No
Brooklyn Baby Brother Yes
Nigella Baby Sister (Sitting) No
Austin Twin Baby Brother No
Nigella Twin Baby Sister (Crawling) No
  • Gordon Doughty Gordon Doughty Father Gordon Doughty serves fresh salads, sandwiches and rolls from his burger wagon. Gordon loves to watch the football games on the village green, when he’s not busy serving he likes to coach the village team having been a professional player himself. He’s always shouting at the boys and girls, encouraging them to play to their best ability and to be brave on the pitch. Win or lose he’s always full of praise for those who have tried their hardest
  • Brooklyn Doughty Brooklyn Doughty Baby Brother Brooklyn Doughty is already showing a great talent with a ball. His first steps were taken when chasing after a football.
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