Sylvanian Goldbacke Hamster Family

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Collectable and Pre-Owned Sylvanian Families.


Goldbacke Hamster Family

The Goldbacke Family
The Goldbacke Hamster family comprise:- Listed
Nick Father Yes
Emma Mother Yes
Frank Brother Yes
Nora Sister Yes
Micki Baby Brother No
Nibbles and Flitz Baby twins No
  • Nick Goldbacke Nick Goldbacke Nick works at the Village Nursery as the Nursery Double Decker Bus driver! He drives around the Sylvanian village every morning picking up all of the Sylvanian toddlers from their houses and drops them off for nursery where they are looked after by his wife Emma. Add to Basket £4.99
  • Emma Goldbacke Emma Goldbacke Emma works at the Village Nursery as a nursery teacher. Every day the young Sylvanian toddlers come to the Village Nursery to make friends, play, sing, dance and learn their ABCs and Emma is the perfect teacher for them. Add to Basket £4.99
  • Frank Goldbacke Frank Goldbacke Frank dreams of becoming a professional athlete. Every lunch time you will find him out on the running track behind the school trying to improve on his best times for the 100m sprint and the 200m hurdles. Add to Basket £4.99
  • Nora Goldbacke Nora Goldbacke Nora is an aspiring writer! She recently wrote the script for the production of 'Prince Charming' at her school and all the girls in Sylvania are excited about auditioning for the role of the princess! Add to Basket £4.99
Figures in grey boxes are deemed collectable as they are no longer available
Figures in green boxes are still currently available.
Figures are graded Excellent if totally original and without marks or blemishes
Figures graded Good may either lack an ancillary item (usually clothing) or not have an original one.
Figures graded Fair may lack clothing or not have original clothing and show some wear and tear.
Adults are 80 mm high, children are 63 mm high.