Sylvanian Hunter Smyth Dog Family

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Collectable and Pre-Owned Sylvanian Families.


Hunter-Smyth Chocolate Labrador Family

The Hunter-Smyth's appeared in 2011, associated with the Highfields Farmhouse. They consisted of the standard family of four, a baby and baby twins. (A US release had triplets). Released by both Flair (open hands) and Epoch (flat hands). All are still very available as of 2018, except the twins.
The Hunter-Smyth's comprise: Listed
Charles Father Yes
Camilla Mother Yes
Hector Brother Yes
Isabella Sister Yes
Gerard Baby Brother No
Thomas Twin Baby Brother No
Georgina Twin Baby Brother No
  • Charles Hunter-Smyth Charles Hunter-Smyth
    Charles is a very hard working farmer, who is up at six o'clock every morning, out in the fields tending his crops. Growing everything from cabbage to sweetcorn, sunflowers to barley and oats. Charles never stops, come rain or shine. There always seems to be yet another job to do! Ploughing, seeding, weeding, harvesting- busy, busy, thats our Charles.
  • Camilla Hunter-Smyth Camilla Hunter-Smyth
    Camilla is the perfect farmer's wife. As well as making jams and preserves during the fruit picking month, she also makes the most wonderful relishes with the vegetables as they are harvested. all these delicious creations, along with her husband's produce, she sells at the farmers' market each Friday morning. It's amazing that she still finds time to run the home and bring up five delightful children!
  • Hector Hunter-Smyth Hector Hunter-Smyth
    Hector likes to get up at six o'clock with his father so that they can have breakfast together. His father makes the best porridge oats, which is then topped with a tablespoon of wild honey. Absolutely wonderful! The two of them then set off to do some work in the fields, before young Hector has to get ready for school!
  • Isabella Hunter-Smyth Isabella Hunter-Smyth
    Isabella loves nothing better than to invite as many of her friends as her mother will allow to stay, for a sleepover. They all arrive after school with their overnight bags and after raiding the fridge and making a mess of the kitchen, they all rush off to the farmyard for a grand game of 'hide and seek' amongst the barns and out buildings, until it's time for supper. Later on, with lots of sweets, treats and a story, the girls chat and giggle way past their usual bedtime.
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