Sylvanian McWalkies dog family

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Collectable and Pre-Owned Sylvanian Families.


McWalkies Highland Terriers Family

The McWalkies were released in the UK in 2007. So far there seem to be six family members, with Hamish the only figure currently available as UK in Round the World.
The McWalkie family comprise:- Listed
Angus Father Yes
Muriel Mother No
Hamish Brother Yes
Hamish AS UK in Round the World No
Janet Sister Yes
Ben Twin Baby No
Billie Twin Baby No
    • Angus MaWalkie Angus McWalkie Father Angus McWalkies has a smallholding in the foothills of Sylvania, where he lives with his family; growing barley, oats, fruit and vegetables. Every Saturday morning the whole family goes to market with the week's produce loaded on their cart. There is always a queue of eager customers waiting to buy his delicious wares.
    • Hamish McWalkie Hamish McWalkie Brother Hamish McWalkies loves to take long walks in the hills around his home, finding new plants and shrubs he can list in his 'I-spy wild flowers' notebook. His favorite find was a very tiny wild purple orchid, which was one plant that his father had not found before him.
    • Janet McWalkie Janet McWalkie Sister Janet McWalkies wants to be a great poet and writer when she grows up. She spends hours scribbling notes and ideas in her ledger. No great works as yet as she is still very young, but a field of daffodils and a sky of drifting clouds are two thoughts she is working on at the moment.
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