Sylvanian Mulberry Family

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Collectable and Pre-Owned Sylvanian Families.


Mulberry Racoon Family

The Mulberry Racoon Family were launched in 2003 in the UK, with older sister Martha (Canoe set.) and motorcycling grandparents added in 2010. Currently only the babies and Martha are available.
The Mulberry family comprise:- Listed
Elma Father Yes
Mae Mother No
Ike Brother No
Candy Sister Yes
Cookie Baby Brother Yes
Pumpkin Baby Sister No
Martha Older Sister No
George Grandfather yes
Mildred Grandmother Yes
    • cookie Mulberry Cookie Mulberry Baby Brother Cookie Mulberry, even at his young age, has ideas of what he wants to be when he grows up. He has decided he wants to be Mayor of Sylvania and spends hours sitting under the Cherry tree dreaming of what he will do as Mayor. `
    • Elma Mulberry Elma Mulberry Father Elma Mulberry is a very jovial chap, who just loves telling funny stories and jokes. He is happiest when at a ‘Boot Sale’ because he can sell anything to anybody.
    • Candy Mulberry Candy Mulberry Sister Candy Mulberry is a gentle, softly spoken little girl who loves writing. Her greatest success to date is a poem she had published in the local paper about ‘Happy Days in the Park with her many friends’.
    • Mildred Mulberry Mildred Mulberry
      Original Sylvanian Raccon Grandmother, Mildred Mulberry. New and unused in excellent condition.
    • George Mulberry George Mulberry
      Original Sylvanian racoon grandfather, George Mulberry. New and unused in excellent condition.
Figures in grey boxes are deemed collectable as they are no longer available
Figures in green boxes are still currently available.
Figures are graded Excellent if totally original and without marks or blemishes
Figures graded Good may either lack an ancillary item (usually clothing) or not have an original one.
Figures graded Fair may lack clothing or not have original clothing and show some wear and tear.
Adults in this family are 80mm high, children and grandparents are 70mm high.