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Collectable and Pre-Owned Sylvanian Families.


The Van Dyke Otter Family

The Van Dyke Family is still current in the UK, having been originally released in 1993. They have always made their home the canal boat, Rose of Sylvania.
The Van Dyke family comprise:- Listed
Ebb Father Yes
Flo Mother Yes
Brook Brother Yes
Spring Sister Yes
Eddy Baby Brother Yes
Becky Baby Sister No
  • Ebb VanDyke Ebb Van Dyke Ebb Van Dyke lives with the rest of his family on the 'Rose Of Sylvania'. They slowly travel up and down the river, having lots of adventures, and meeting lots of interesting people. Ebb is very keen on keeping the river environment clean and tidy. He gets very cross when he sees rubbish on the river bank or even worse floating on the water. He is always putting up notices 'Keep Sylvania Clean' and 'Use the bin provided'.
  • Flo VanDyke Flo Van Dyke Flo Van Dyke runs the Sylvanian swimming classes as well as navigating the canal boat and looking after her busy family. All her family swim very well, but Flo wants everyone in Sylvania to be able to swim, because as she says “water is dangerous but supervised swimming is lots of fun so come and join us”.
  • Brook VanDyke Brook Van Dyke Brook Van Dyke is always getting in trouble! Not because he's bad or naughty, it's just that he is so terribly inquisitive. Once he got his head stuck in a large storage jar because he wanted to see what was inside. His sister insists he is just nosy, which upsets Brook.
  • Spring VanDyke Spring Van Dyke Spring Van Dyke is the artist of the family! She is responsible for all the lovely decorations on the Rose of Sylvania. Spring spends hours on deck in the sunshine drawing new designs for everything from the buckets to the cabin doors. Her mother says she gets her artistic bent from her great, great grandfather who has some of his paintings hanging in the Sylvanian museum. After leaving school she wants to be just like him, the great Michael Angelo Vandyke.
  • Eddie Van Dyke Eddy Van Dyke The twins have their own baby language, which they converse in all day long. No one knows just what the talk about (because it's baby talk) but what ever it is they can manage to talk about it all day every day. Brook thinks they talk in this strange way because everyone always goes “coo coo” to them. We have designated the sitting twin as Eddy