Sylvanian Families. The Waters beaver Family and figures.

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Collectable and Pre-Owned Sylvanian Families.

Sylvanian Families

Collectable and Pre-Owned Sylvanian Families.


Waters Beaver Family

The Waters Beaver Family date back to the original Sylvanian launch in the UK in 1992. They have appeared in a number of sets, introducing additional family members. The most notable of these are the Rev Kelvin Waters and his daughter Becky and Murky, who forms part of Captain Sea Dogs "Motley Crew"
The Waters family comprise:- Listed
Wade Father No
Nancy Mother No
Roger Brother Yes
Misty Sister Yes
Bucky Baby Brother No
Bubble Baby Sister No
Sunny Baby Twin No
Storm Baby Twin No
Lillith Baby Sister No
Kelvin Vicar Yes
Becky Cousin No
Murky Cousin Yes
    • Murky Waters Murky Waters Cousin Murky spends most of his spare time down at the 'Lock Keeper's Cottage' with Captain Seadog and his friends Beaky & Twitch. He is part of the Captain's 'Motley Crew', in which he is the cabin boy. He cleans really hard for the Captain, scrubbing and mopping the floors with his friends. His favourite part of the day is when they can all gather around and listen to the Captain's tales of pirates and adventures at sea.
  • Roger Waters Roger Waters Brother Roger Waters is very friendly and sporty making him so popular he was voted head-boy of his school, a job he takes very seriously.
  • Misty Waters Misty Waters Sister Misty Waters day-dreams all the time. Her favourite day dream is of being a famous dancer; as the princible ballerina in Swan Lake or topping the bill in the theatre production of Cats.
    • Rev Kelvin Waters Rev Kelvin Waters REVEREND KELVIN WATERS is the vicar of the village. He has christened all the children of Sylvania and most likely performed the wedding ceremony of their parents. He will make time for anybody in the village, meaning his day can be very long by the time he has stopped to speak to everybody. He was available with the celebration wedding set, marrying William and Catherine Chocolate, which was also attended by Periwinkle bridesmaids and page boy. Add to Basket £6.99 Collectable
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