Sylvanian World

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Spares and Collectables.

Sylvanian families have been around over 30 years now, such is the quality and attention to detail associated with them, they are becoming quite collectable in their own right.

Whilst many of the sets and buildings are no longer available, it becomes even more important to maintain your collection as complete as possible. We aim to address this need by stocking as many parts as possible from incomplete sets and buildings we procure. We have organised the buildings or sets we stock parts for into eight groups, just click the pictures below.


Sylvanian Families have created close to a thousand (possibly more!) characters in that 30 years. Collecting is complicated by numerous re- releases, different biographies in North America and Europe (on none as in Japan) and many special editions. We organise the figures by which "animal group" they many belong to, again eight groups as it happens. Just click a picture below.

There is also the Forest Families range, slightly larger and so collectable.

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