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Sylvanian Families Parts and Spares

Collectable Sylvanian Treasure Ship Parts.

Adventure Treasure Ship

Sylvanian treasure ship sylvanian adventure ship

The Adventure Treasue Ship was launched in the UK circa 2014. The ship is an open sided model, intended to be used with play value as much inside as out. It features a lot of accessories to increase it's play value, most of which we should be able to find replacement parts for if lost or broken.

  • Sylvanian Adventure Treasure Ship Sticker Sheet and Story Book Complete set of stickers and story book in original packaging. £4.99
  • Sylvanian Treasure Ship Pond
    Pond or Lake Flat blue plastic pond or lake laid next to the model. £4.99
  • Sylvanian boat crow's nest
    Crow's Nest Fits on a deck fitting, handy for pirate look outs. (Flag not included.) £4.99
  • sylvanian treasure chest
    Treasure Chest No self respecting pirate should be without a treasure chest. (Treasure not included!) £4.99
  • Sylvanian slide
    Slide The fun part, fits inside the ship and allows the crew to slide down into the hold. £4.99
  • Sylvanian families scramble ladder
    Scramble Net Pirates of all types love to get upstairs using a scramble net, no need for stairs or ladders on this ship! £4.99 Each 
  • Sylvanian lifebouy
    Lifebouy and Rope On this ship the lifebouy seems to double up as a swing hanging from a piece of rope. £4.99 
  • Sylvanian flag
    Flag Flown from atop the crow's nest £2.99 
  • Sylvanian railing Railing A section of railiing on the far side of the ship. £3.99 
  • sylvanian crown Pirate Crown Part of the ship's treasure. £3.99 
  • Sylvanian binoculars Binoculars This pirate crew use binoculars to keep a sharp look out. £3.99 
  • sylvanian treasure ship gangway
    Gangway One of the most useful parts on the ship, used to get on and off or to link to other vessels. £4.99 
  • Deck cabin
    Deck Cabin This detachable part fits into a corner of the deck to make a small "cabin". £4.99 
  • sylvanian shells
    Set of Shells Factory sealed set of decorative shells £2.99