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Sylvanian Families Windmill

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Sylvanian Windmills

Sylvanian Mill on the Hill Sylvanian Mill on the Hill

Sylvania has had a number of Windmills over the years, the Primrose Baby Windmill and Field View Windmill are on separate pages. (Click the link to find it.)

Mill on the Hill (Left) and Old Mill (Centre) are earlier vintage versions, released by Flair in the UK in 2000 and 2005. An earlier light brown version was released by Epoch in 1990.

They are unusual for Sylvanian sets in being able to dismantle, apart from the base. They were available in three colours, red, white or buff.

If you are looking for any missing panels, please call or email directly, as we keep a stock to complete sets and therefore should be able to help you out.