Sylvanian Old Hollow Oak Tree

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Collectable and Pre-Owned Sylvanian Families.

Sylvanian Families Old Hollow Oak Treehouse

Collectable and Pre-Owned Sylvanian Families.

Old Hollow Oak Treehouse


Old Hollow Oak Treehouse Old Hollow Oak Treehouse

Released by Flair in 2008

The Old Hollow Oak Treehouse is possibly the most impressive house in Sylvania. Extending to four floors with all sorts of extra rooms, it is the centre of many Sylvanian gatherings.

  • Hollow Oak Tree Railing Railing Section Railings on the first floor veranda. £3.99
  • Sylvanian weather vane Weather Vane Sits atop the roof and tells you which way the wind is blowing. £4.99
  • sylvanian flower boxes Flower Boxes These fit on the sides of the second floor arbor. £2.99
  • sylvanian door Door The main door way to the Old Hollow Oak Treehouse is on the first floor. £4.99
  • Sylvanian steps Step Ladder class="description">Detachable step ladder up to the second floor arbor. £2.99
  • Sylvanian walkway Walkway Allows Sylvanians to walk outside the tree house between the two second floor arbors. £7.99
  • Sylvanian trap door Trap Door Fits either of the two trap doors on the first floor, one to come up by ladder, the other to go down by slide, as one does in Sylvania! £3.99
  • sylvanian tree Ladder This house has these tidy little trees to enhance it's green feel. After all it is a treehouse! £3.99
  • sylvanian tree Parasol Fits into a slot on one of the branch terraces. £7.99
  • sylvanian tree Door Bell Fits into a bracket in the wall next to the door. £2.99
  • sylvanian tree Tree The treehouse should have two of these either side of the front door. £3.99
  • sylvanian tree Reeds Several of these fit into slots round the pond on the base. £3.99
  • sylvanian families welcome mat Welcome Mat Every well kept home needs a welcome mat. £4.99