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Sylvanian Families Blue Family Car

Collectable and Pre-Owned Sylvanian Families.


Sylvanian Family Car


blue Family Car Sylvanian Family Car Sylvanian Family Car Sylvanian car


Sylvanian family cars have been available in a number of version on the same or similar moulds. We offer quality low mileage pre-owned cars in a variety of colours. The main spares people look for are car seats, the suitcase which fits on the back of the car and the much sought after tow hitch.

  • Sylvanian Family Car Sylvanian Family Car Pre-owned cars in good condition. Available in Blue, Burgundy, Green and Cream.
  • Sylvanian Luggage Case Luggage Case Essential for those Sylvanian family picnics and going on holiday. (Different size to the Grand or Regency Hotel cases.) £4.99 Add to Basket
  • Sylvanian Child Car Seat Child Seat Keeping little Sylvanians safe. Available in burgundy or grey.
  • Car sticker sheet Sticker Sheet These sticker sheets are from the trailer set, but are applicable for any car or van that needs extra fun number plates! £4.99 Add to Basket
  • Sylvanian Towing Hitch Tow Hitch

    Attaches over the rear no plate, hitches to touring caravan or trailer.

    Add to Basket £12.99