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Sylvanian Families Gypsy Caravan

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Gypsy Caravan Parts (Flair)


  • Sylvanian Gypsy Caravan
  • sylvanian flair gypsy caravan

There have been two gypsy caravans over the years  in Sylvania. The earlier Tomy, dating to 1989, one being more basic, the later Flair one, released in 2004, has a more upmarket kit. The one on the right, with the green roof, is the Tomy one, that on the left with the red roof is by Flair. I've marked parts according to whether they come off the Tomy or the Flair ones.

Obviously some parts are made for their particular caravan, though there's no reason why a Tomy owner shouldn't treat their gypsy Sylvanians to little luxuries like sleeping bags and a folding chair set. I haven't separated out horses yet, we may have a Horse Fair perhaps. Gypsies are always trading horse anyhow.