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Sylvanian Families Touring Caravan

Collectable and Pre-Owned Sylvanian Families.


The Touring Caravan


  • Sylvanian Touring Caravan
  • Sylvanian Touring Caravans

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Want to know how difficult it is to dismantle and repair your Sylvanian?  Just read the notes at   the bottom of this page.

Dismantling the Sylvanian Touring Caravan.


The main parts of the touring caravan are secured by hinges (Roof and kitchen unit.) The floor is secured by six small screws recessed into the underside, this also allows the end sofa, wheels and axle to be removed. Likewise the ball hitch is secured by a single small screw into the body.

All sub parts of these items are secured by press fittings and glue which are unlikely to come apart without damage, so we do not break parts down further than this. If the shower is broken for example, the whole floor and shower/toilet assembly must be replaced.