Sylvanian Primrose Baby Windmill

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Sylvanian Families Primrose Baby Windmill

Collectable and Pre-Owned Sylvanian Families.


Primrose Baby Windmill



  • Sylvanian baby windmill
  • windmill
Released by Flair circa 2006, the Baby Windmill has been out of circulation for some time now. Sort after parts include the mobile, and gate on the slide. Less so the hot air balloon. An extra floor was available and is so sort after I can't list any - they're gone just like that!


  • primrose baby windmill balloon Hot air Balloon

    Interchangeable with the hot air balloon on the Primrose Play Park!

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  • Primrose Baby windmill Gate


    Gates come in either blue or yellow.

  • Primrose Baby Windmill Gate


    Helps to get young Sylvanians off to sleep after a hard day playing.

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We have more parts for the this set, such as the roof and (rarely) the additional floor section. Do Message or Email