Sylvanian Families Kitchen

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Sylvanian Families Furniture Sets


Everyone moving into a new home knows how expensive it can be furnishing your house.

Perhaps you just need a few extra tables and chairs for when you have those extra visitors around.

My furniture sets of pre-owned Sylvanian Families are a very cost effective way to add to your collection.


  • Sylvanian Stove Kitchen Stove (Black) Sylvanian kitchen stove. All black. Excellent condition Add to Basket £4.99
  • Kitchen Stove Kitchen Stove (White) An original Sylvanian Families kitchen stove in good condition. White with black trim, oven opens. Add to Basket £4.99
  • Kitchen Dresser Kitchen Dresser with Accessories An original Sylvanian Families kitchen dresser complete with all accessories shown in the picture. Add to Basket £4.99
  • Sylvanian Sink Unit Sylvanian Sink Unit Sylvanian kitchen sink unit with opening cupboard doors. Excellent condition Add to Basket £4.99