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Murdoch Bear Family

The Murdoch family (Murdock in america) are Sylvania's doctors. There was a Tomy release in the 1990s, with a Flair one in the UK later and a doctor and bicycle set later on again. Like most figures sold as part of their own set, highly collectable.
The Murdoch family comprise:- Listed
Senior Grandfather No
Dr Murdoch Father Yes
Junior Doctor and bicycle No
    • Doctor Murdoch Doctor Murdoch Doctor Murdoch, when at school was known by all his friends as Doc. This was because he loved playing "Hospitals", and always insisted on being the doctor. Now he is older he is a real doctor and a very good one at that!
      Very collectable figure, still boxed with all accessories. (Flair Set No 4305)
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The adults is 80 mm high.