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Sylvanian Horse Fair

A number of horses or ponies have been released over the years, perhapps as many as 10. Hollie is a long running favourite from the stable set. The lighter pony is probably Beauty from the Gymkhana Set.

Ponies often come with a certain amount of equipment, ranging from a carrot on a stick (Farmer's Cart), flowery hats, saddles and various harnesses. The stable also features an extensive range of equipment to keep ponies in shape and at their best.

  • Sylvanian Pony

    Hollie the Pony

    Hollie came with the Stable and Pony Set £11.99 Each 
  • sylvanian pony stable gate

    Stable Door

    Click Left or Right looking out from stable.

  • Sylvanian Horse Jump

    Horse Jump

    Keep your Sylvanian pony fit with this jump, top section removes for a lower jump.

    £9.99 Each 
  • Horse tack hooks sylvanian

    Set of Tack Hooks

    Fits in the Pony Stable to hang horse tack from.

    £4.99 Each 
  • Sylvanian Hay rack

    Hay Rack

    Click Left or Right looking out from stable.

    £11.99 Each 
  • Sylvanian Horse Saddle

    Dark Brown Saddle

    This saddle came with the Stable and Pony Set

  • Sylvanian Horse Saddle

    Light Brown Saddle

    The selector shows the saddle shown in the previous box (Dark Brown), or this one.